Monday, December 28, 2009

Wetland Centre London

Spent a short time at the Wetland Centre this afternoon walked to the peacock hide where some birders where watching a Perigrine sitting on the ground after a short while it then tried to find some water to have drink (You've seen dancing on ice well this was Perigrine on ice where it put up quite a show for aboout ten minutes) Other birds of note included a Water Rail calling and out in the open for a brief spell I also had a Watter pipit
Here is a short video of the Water Voles at Arundal wich I filmed in August they where very obliging at one point they where to close to film as I have now sorted out uploading to my blog I will be puting some more clips from my archive

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hi All
It's been a quite a while since I last posted this is due to a heavey work load But I am able to do some birding on Sundays so I hope to be able to do some birding and Wildlife watching over the coming months I have totaly miss the migration all I have been up to is a few trips into Sussex, I took a weeks break in Spain and stayed at Gran Alicanti where I had a most welcome and enjoyable break did a bit of birding and booked Jules Sykes of Olivia Rama Tours for a day trip in the Alicanti area click HERE to see jules report go to Sunday 6th December what a day it was Eagles Rule !!!