Friday, December 30, 2011

Local Birding

Over the past couple of days I have visited a couple of sites that I have not been to for the past 2 years the first was a walk along the river Hogsmill this is now called the Hogsmill Local nature Reserve a lot has changed and it was a nice pleasant walk lots of local bird life I started from the A3 and walked through to ruxley lane in Chessington then back across to the Chessington industrial estate the area between the A3 and Malden Manour is now call the Hogsmill open space the area the other side of the Ewell road is the Bonsgate open space  the river in places is a bit over grown so a visit in the spring and summer looks good for summer visitors

The second site was the Woodland Gardens in Bushy park

A lot of changes here the car park is now inside the gardens and there are toilets and a cafe the first part of the gardens  had some common birds then I went into the second part this was a lot better for wildlife the area where the trees have fallen are very good

Will be looking at some more of the sites I used to visit years ago

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Doing some local birding this week will post a report later