Monday, November 15, 2010

Back in Goa

Well I am back in Goa so will be doing some birding while I am here

Saturday 13th of November
I decided to try a site that I had not been to before my intension was too take a walk along the river at Candolin not far from where \i am staying this time round I set off with the information that I had been given all well until I try and find the footpath that was mentioned I arrived at the spot directed no sign of a footpath so I ask how can I walk along the river told to go to the track up the road by the chapel did this only to be told no access to the river I am well prepare for what happened next so I said no thanks (he asked for 500 rupees) so did not get to have a walk by the river after trying a few different spots decided that this was a waste of time so I then went for breakfast and a nice one it was (will be going back again) then it was back to my room this time round I have Air Con and what a welcome it is in the heat of the day at about 4 o’clock I decide to have a look at the area behind the hotel Beira Mar in Baga this can be watched from the other side of the marsh from a small road which is nice and quite at about 5 o’clock I then decided to take the road out of Baga to Calangute where I found some paddy fields that looked like they might be of interest (note to have a look here in the morning

Sunday 14th November

First stop today was the marsh behind the Beira Mar hotel in Baga spent some time here plenty of birds calling not aiming to get them all out of the way as I will be here till the end of Jan 2011 I then returned to the Paddy fields that I found last night and spent the rest of the morning here as there where a few birds to film found a nice quite spot in the shade all the birds are more of what I have already seen so will start putting my list together soon we had some rain late afternoon so did not do any birding to night