Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday 29th October

Spent some time at Pullbough Brooks RSPB today we where trying to see if we could see the Short Eared Owl that is about but with no luck there are some wintr ducks in Wigeon, Pintail we also had a Blacktailed Godwit, Ruff plus a selection of ythe birds you would expect to see we spent some time on the Hanger where we had a close Peregrine Falcon sittinbg in a tree plus the adult and juv Marsh Harrier

owI havehe blog sorted will be putting some pictures up from ove the last couple of years

Sunday, October 16, 2011

North Norfolk Coast

Saturday 16th October

Today me and my mate took a trip to the North Norfolk Coast our aim was to see if we could see the Rufus Tailed Robin that had been found late Friday as we where checking the pager on route it became quite clear that the bird had gone over night as it was a clear evening by 10 o’clock we decided to head straight for Stifkey to see if we could see the Bluethroat that had been found after parking and walking out we heard a Yellow Browed Warbler in the trees by the road and decided we would have a look for it on our way back we then went out to the salt marsh we there where about 30 birders already looking for the Bluethroat it had started on the footpath but then flew out on to the salt marsh where it was seen briefly we spent the best part of a hour there with no sign so we gave up and headed back to the car on route we had a few brief glimpses of the Yellow Browed Warbler. Our next stop was Wells Wood to see if we could see some more Yellow Browed Warblers as there had been 4 reported there we heard 2 birds but no sightings after a stop for lunch we then headed to Holme where there was a Red Flanked Bluetail that had been ringed and released early this morning after paying the parking fee we headed for the pine trees where we joined the birders looking for it aafter a short time we had some views of the bird as it was flying between the pines then the bird flew over our heads and came down in the fenced of area here we had some godd views of it. We then decided to head for Salthouse as there had been a Richards Pipit seen earlier in the day but no sign of it when we arrived we then joined some birders watching some thing out to sea asking what they had they said they had a large bird coming in of the sea but there was some debate on what it was we found the bird they where on and you could tell it was a Owl as there had been Short Eared Owls coming over the past couple of days that is what they thought it was but the debate went on as it did not look right for one after a lot of debating over the bird we all came to the conclusion that it was a Long Eared Owl, It turned out that a couple we where talking to had seen the Rufus Tailed Robin yesterday not that many people saw the bird only about 30. We then had a look at Arnolds marsh where we had a Peregrine and 2 Marsh Harriers so ending a good days birding