Sunday, May 12, 2013

Arundel Wetland

Spent some time today at the Wildfowl and Wetlands at Arundel they are doing some work on the main lake but this did not stop us from seeing and hearing a good variety of birds and mammals Birds seen or heard Sedge Warbler, a nice Reed Warbler sitting in view for a while Carol spotted a Water Vole cross the small pool at the begining of the Loop walk Cetti's Warbler we heard 3 saw one briefly Just as we where at the end of the Loop walk we had 3 Common Buzzards and a Perigrine over head we also had Sand Martin, Swallow , Swift, plenty of Black Headed Gulls, Herring Gull, Common Gull, Lapwing with young, great and Blue Tits after we had finnished here it was of to the Black Rabbit for a very nice Lunch by the river

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scotland 2013

Sorry but work has taken over so far this year I have done a few trips out with my mate

The following report is a trip to Scotland in seach of the Beaver

Day 1

Weather,   Clear and overcast

We started at 8 this morning trains on time a short walk from Glasgow central station to pick up the car we should have know the sat nav was not going to be much good took forever to get out of Glasgow then we had a nice scenic drive we stopped to buy food and drink for the week all went well until we where about 10 miles from the cottage the sat nav took us to a rundown barn miles from our base for the week, after stopping and speaking to a couple of people we got put back on the right track even then we managed to pass the cottage but on the return along the road we found it a hour and a half after we should have been there, we then had a meal and a couple of drinks then it was ready for bed  so will be having a nice relaxing quite day tomorrow.

Day 2

Weather,  Showers in the morning then turned out fine

Today we started by going into Oban on route we had had a Osprey being mobbed by a Common Buzzard we booked our day trip to Mull for Tuesday we then returned to the cottage for lunch, after looking at the os map that is in the cottage I found that we are on the edge of the Moine Mhor National Nature Reserve, after lunch it was of to one of the Beaver sites we did the full walk around the loch plenty of evident of them but no sightings, as we where cutting through the middle of the Moine Mhor reserve back to the cottage carol spotted a bird of prey flying along the side of the road this turned out to be a Female Merlin so a nice end to the day


Day 3

Weather, Drizzle to start then clearing and turning in to a fine afternoon

Today we decided to keep it local saying that there was still a lot of driving first we headed for Crian the weather was drizzle for the morning so did not see a lot after this we took a drive along a road that we had not done before in the hope of looking for Otter but with no luck we then had a look at a small loch that we had been told about this was for beaver again plenty of evident of the beaver but again no sighting, we then had a look at another small loch here we found a Wood Warbler, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Long Tailed Tit, Chaffinch, We then had a look at the info at  Moine Mhor Nature Reserve for later in the week, then back to the cottage for our evening meal, I then went for a evening stroll where I found Barn Owl and Tawny Owl so ending another great day.

Day 4


Weather,  Showers to start turning out fine with rain late afternoon

We set of at ¼ to 8 this morning heading for Oban to catch the ferry to Mull, We had a nice breakfast on board, on arriving on Mull we headed for Salen on route we stopped at a site I know for White Tailed Eagle after a short time I found one above the trees we had good views, Then on to Salen stopping at the toilets (not that many on the island) we had a look here for Otter but no luck, Then on to a site i Know for Golden Eagle we arrived and set up after a short time I found a Eagle sitting on the top of a ridge just as i was about to tell Carol she said what is that large bird it had just taken off we watched it, it fly a short distance then it landed after about 20 minutes I relocated it where it sat until we left we then took the drive to a site for another White Tailed Eagle on route we had Rock Pipit , Wheatear, Raven, Hooded Crow, Oystercatcher, Red Breasted Merganser, Eider, we were using a single track road and came across a car coming the other way and they would not budge we had to reverse downhill for about 60 yards ( some people do not know how to drive on single track roads) we finally got to the spot for the W T E and good views of a bird on the nest, We then continued on round the road looking for Otter still no luck but we did have Great Northern Diver, Whimbrel, Twite,  Lesser Black Backed Gull, Then it was a drive back through Glen Moir here we where looking for Short Eared Owl but with no luck, just after leaving the glen we pulled in to let a lorry pass and we found a pair of hen Harriers ( now a first for me no not seeing Hen Harriers but a pair of displaying Hen Harriers) we then headed for Crainure to use the toilets, We then drove back a short distance looking for Otter again no luck so we then had a look at another spot for Otter still no luck so back to the ferry for the trip back to Oban we arrived back at the cottage at about ¼ to 7 so ending a great day on Mull.

Day 5

Weather  Drizzle on our early morning trip then sunny and fine for the rest of the day with a light wind

We decided last night to have a early start to see if we could see Beaver, We started at 5 o’clock and headed for the Beaver sight on arriving we walked to where we knew the beavers might be by the dam that they have built on the walk in we had a Badger cross the path in front of us, We spent some time looking for the Beaver but with no Luck, We had a Great Spotted  Woodpecker Drumming, a Cuckoo Calling and a selection of woodland birds singing, Then back to the cottage

After a short sleep and Breakfast we decided to keep it local today and to see some different spots that we had not done so far, We headed for Lochgriphead ( this is the nearest town to shop and for petrol), so then a look at the map I noticed a waterfall marked so we thought we would have a look well we found the spot but no waterfall so then we found a nice spot by a babbling burn for lunch, I then said why don’t we have a look along the road that we had taken last Saturday when we got lost, We drove into the village at the end of the road and stopped for a coffee here we noticed a sign for a nature reserve so we headed for the parking place after reading the leaflet we decided to do one of the walks which took us down to the shore where we spent some time looking for Otter no luck we then continued on the walk which took us 2 and a half hours to complete not quite what it said in the leaflet but very pleasant, After this it was back to the cottage for our evening meal and a few drinks

Day 6

Bit of sightseeing today

Weather  Fine and Sunny with the odd shower

Day 7

Weather  fine and sunny with some light showers

Bit of a local day today we started by going down a road we had not been on before in the hope of a Otter but no luck then we tried another road we had not been down this time looking for Golden Eagle again no luck then we decided to have a look at the small loch for Beaver after this it was back to the main site for Beaver no luck at either of the sites so back to the cottage  

Day 8

Heading for home with some more sightseeing