Saturday, February 27, 2016

Beddington Farmlands

Started out today heading for Croydon on route I checked to see if there was any thing about noticed there was a Iceland gull seen at Beddington Farmlands so got of the tram at Mitcham Junction and walked across Mitcham Common to the Farmlands on my walk to the fenced of area I had Redwing, Fieldfare, Tree Sparrow, Blackbird a selection of Tits, As I was not planning on coming here I did not have my scope so it took some time to locate the Iceland Gull plus I had a Adult Mediterranean Gull It was a bit frustrating as a Peregrine was putting the gulls up but did get a good in flight view of both the Gulls so in the end turned out to be a very pleasant afternoons birding, Year list now stands at 155

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