Thursday, February 25, 2016

Richmond Park National Nature Reserve

After a nice relaxing day at 15-00 hours I decided to get some fresh air where to go finally decided a trip into Richmond Park National Nature Reserve (still seems funny calling it that) so set of on my bike entered the park by Ladderstile gate and headed for Penn Ponds,After a coffee I set of past white lodge towards Richmond gate and along past Pembroke Lodge then at the junction at Ham gate I headed back into the centre of the park stopping at the back of the Isabellla plantation, Then retuning to the Penn Ponds I then walked around the upper pond and as I got back to the car park I heard a Tawny owl call so set of to find it as I got near the wood it was in I saw it fly of to my right so continued on round back to the car park from here I went back past White Lodge and headed for Roehampton Gate then took the cycle/footpath towards Robin Hood Gate along here I had a second Tawny Owl fly across in front of me, I then continued on to Kingston gate and so of to home so ending a very interesting couple of hours in the park will be doing a lot more of this seeing areas that I do not normally do,Getting used to the bike now so the New Forest will be good when I get down there

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