Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21st April 2010

Wednesday 21st April

Well day off today so decided I would book a taxi and go back to Santa Cruz with the intention of finding the area that the reports call Santa Cruz creek the information that I have is a bit vague so I have plotted on the web map what I think is where I want to be so we set off at 07-00 hours on arriving at Santa Cruz the driver asked where we go first so I said we try and find the creek so with a sketch map I took from the net we set off got it slightly wrong (nothing new there then) but after talking to some young men we did find where I had pin pointed on the map and yes I am sure this is where we should be so on with the report
After getting out of the car I did a quick scan of the area and thought I will be spending some time here a few Intermediate Egrets, Little Egrets, Great White Egrets and Indian Pond Heron to start with I then walked along the road for about 150 yards ( sorry not going to do it in metres) and found some shade under some trees it is now only a quarter to eight and the heat is getting up I could hear waders calling now this is what I had come here for first wader I saw was Ruff then it took over half a hour to find some more the vegetation is high so to see the birds it is best to concentrate on one area this I did I then had 2 Pintail Snipe which I watched for about 10 minutes then another bird appeared from the right this turned out to be a Jack Snipe then I continued to walk down the road where I had both the Kites these are the most common raptors that I see on a daily basis and have to say the numbers are good (If I can not identify a Black Kite after being out here for 3 months then I should give up birding that’s meant to be a joke) so what next well the only way to see anything is just scan a area on doing so I found a White Breasted Water hen ( will tell you all about my first one later) right lets continue birding the time now is only half past eight I then walked back down the road and found some shade under a tree just off the road quite a busy road so to be able to get away from the traffic was nice (I’m now getting to see the same people and getting the same greeting every time Good Morning Papa ) at least the dogs are used to me I then spent over a hour scanning and picking up a few waders Wood Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper then a small flock arrived I got on 4 off them and they are one of the smartest waders to watch Marsh Sandpiper while I spent some time watching them some more waders joined them 2 went out of sight but the other 2 came a bit closer and turned out to be Terek Sandpiper so my Goa list is increasing I have now added 2 to the list could it get better well the answer was yes a stork flew over and put up a good flight show this turned out to be a Lesser Adjutant yes another one to the list which at this point stands at 143 I also had a common Kingfisher perch on a rock briefly so after watching the waders for a while I decided it was time to visit the paddy fields on arriving about nine 50 I noticed that there where not that many Egrets or Indian Pond Herons as on previous visits so was a bit concerned of what I might see but I continued down the path still plenty to see and hear White Breasted Kingfisher where calling Common Myna then sitting on the wires a Stork Billed Kingfisher plenty of kites but no other raptors today I walked along the path as normal just the same birds not a wader in sight until I was on my return to the car only wader I had was a Little Stint so ending a very enjoyably mornings birding and the list now stands at 144

Monday, April 19, 2010

update from Goa


List is now up to 141 will be putting some pictures up soon

Thursday, April 15, 2010

15th April Sea Watch & Local Birds

This morning I spent just over a hour sea watching of the Anguna coast not a lot happening at first then after about 20 minutes I had 5 Lesser Crested Terns go by followed by a Gull Billed Tern there was a movement of Yellow Legged Gulls then close in a Slender Billed Gull past by, I then decided to have a ride to the next beach along the coast but not much else the House Crows and Long Billed Crows where noisy as ever over head the 2 Kites put up a good show (Black Kite & Brahminy Kite) I then rode around and had some of the birds that I see most days Black Drongo,House Sparrow, Intermediate Egret, Greater Coucal, Common Myna, White Breasted Kingfisher, Green Bee Eater, Indian Pond Heron I then had a look at the pond on the edge of Anduna (need to give it a name) as I arrived there where Red Wattled Plovers, and plenty of House Swifts then a bird flew across that caught my eye immature Black Crowned Night Heron it flew into a tree where I could see 4 more 2 Adults and 2 more immature nice to see them going to roost will try again to see if I can get any pictures as I was ridding back for breakfast I had Malabar Lark on the wires
this is the best time of day to see the birds nice and cool part of the day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goa Update

Couple more to add to the list today so far my bird list stands at 130 bear in mind that i have not been to the western ghats or any of the big reserves yet so I do not feel thats a bad number I only have a few hours at a time for birding I am out here to work which takes up a lot of my time having to work six days a week hope to go some where new this weekend will keep you all informed

Friday, April 9, 2010

Snakes in Goa

Have managed to identify 2 snakes Common Blind Snake & Golden Tree Snake

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dawn In Goa

Early this morning about 05-30 the dogs where making a lot of noise outside so I went to investigate at first could not see what they where having a go at then at the end of the lane there it was a Indian Wild Cat had been told some time ago that there was one in the area there are not that many cats around so a good one to spot

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In the last blog I put a Bay Backed Shrike this was a mistake after checking the books that I have with me in fact the bird was a Brown Shrike

Monday, April 5, 2010

4th April 2010 Goa

Santa Cruz Paddy Fields

This is a area that I like always seem to turn up a few different birds so far arrived at 07-30 set of down the path under the shade of the palm trees this shade is very welcome a bit later as the sun comes up

First bird I saw was a Glossy Ibis by the time I had my scope set up it had flown but still plenty of Egrets and Indian pond Heron to watch, I then moved a bit further down the path where there is a area of small pools in the fields waders seen Ringed Plover, Redshank, Greenshank, 5 Temminck’s Stints, Ruff plus in the trees Common Myna other birds included Thick billed Crow, House Crow there was a good thermal of Kites Black & Brahminy I then continued to he spot that I normally turn back at but decided to continue on I walked for another half hour nearly reaching the highway where I had superb views of a Black Kite sitting on a post as I passed a small pool area I flushed a Slaty -Breasted Rail I then returned along the path and scanned the pools on my return where I found Wood Sandpiper I then returned to the car and watched the fields the other side of the road here I had Grey Heron, Purple Heron, Bronzed Winged Jacana, Red Rumped Swallow, White Breasted Kingfisher, Blue Tailed Bee Eater, Bay Backed Shrike.

We then tried to find the creek with no luck did not have the map with me think I know where to go next time, We drove through Santa Cruz and found a spot that looked like it might be worth a look I spent the next hour getting to grips with some of the small birds witch included Paddyfield Pipit, Malabar Lark, Richards Pipit, Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark, baya Weaver, Blue Tailed Bee Eater, Green Bee eater, Greater Short Toed Lark, White Breasted Drongo, also another very close Black Kite (no photos as still have a problem with camera) this has now been sorted changed some of the settings so hoping to get some video shots on the way back had Stork Billed Kingfisher, White Breasted Kingfisher, Black Drongo, Long Tailed Shrike

This evening I took a ride around the north of Anjuna found a small reservoir where I had Red Wattled Plover, Thick Billed Crow, Great Coucal plus a few birds calling that I still need to identify so ending another birding day in Goa

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd April 2010 Goa

Carambolin Lake and area
Today I returned to Carambolin lake but instead of having at look a the lake I had a look at a area east of the lake this was some information that I fond on the net some one had posted a sketch map of the area witch included grassland, marsh 3 small woods and a mud flat area so I was set for the morning left my lodgings at 07-00 reached the area just before 08-00 we found the area with no trouble has I had the Sketch with me

On arriving I stood on the raised bank and scanned the marsh area the first birds that caught my attention where some small birds in the bushes in front of me they turned out to be Grey Breasted prinia I also had Intermediate Egrets, Darter, Indian Cormorant, Black Kite, Black Drongo I then walked along the bank for a short while and had very good views of Coppersmith Barbet and Purple Sunbird I then had a walk around one of the woods where there were Golden Oriole, Black Hooded Oriole, Plum Headed Parakeet as I came to the edge of the wood I flushed a Indian Pond Heron so tried to get a picture still having problems with the camera then I spotted a bird of prey sitting on the wires some way off I walked towards it and to my surprise it turned out to be another Black Shouldered Kite witch I watch and filmed (the video not the best) as I tried to get closer I was stopped by the fact that there was a ditch in the way but did have great views through the scope I then walked back through the wood to where the taxi was waiting then decided to walk beyond the edge of the wood to see if I could get any better views over the mud flat area as I approached the gate to this area one of the chaps remembered me from my last visit to the lake and just waved me through here I had 8 Black Headed Ibis my first Black Winged Stilt I also had Curlew, Kentish Plover, Little Egret, Great White Egret, Ruff, Black Tailed Godwit then some small waders flew across to the marsh area where there are a few pool these turned out to be Green Sandpiper and along the edge there where Clamouse Reed Warbler I then had a look at the other wood with more or less the same birds I then walked around the corner to view the mud flat are again from a different angle but nothing different as we drove back past the lake I had Purple Swaphen, Bronzed Winged Jacanas more Egrets and Pond Herons Lots of House Swifts, Red Rumped Swallows so ending another pleasant mornings birding